If you are thinking of selling, you have to consider what you want out of the transaction and what the buyer wants out of the transaction.

Yes! You must consider what the buyer wants, for you to achieve a successful speedy sale at a good price and in a reasonable time frame.

As you have decided to sell, the three most relevant things for you to think about are: -

1.) What is the highest price my agent can get for me?

2.) How long is the transaction likely to take?

3.) What actions or improvements might I have to undertake to achieve 1) and 2)?

The buyer has a different set of priorities. However, they may be similar to the ones that influenced you in buying the home in the first place. What are they?

1.) First home buyer.

2.) Pride of ownership.

3.) Family amenity.

4.) Convenience.

5.) Schools.

6.) Transport.

7.) Shopping.

8.) Proximity to work.

9.) What were the top three features that appealed to you?

By considering what the buyer might like, you can pitch the presentation of your home in its most appealing light.

To achieve all this, you must have a frank discussion with your prospective agent to be sure they can get you the result you want.

We understand buyer psychology very well and have very many years of negotiating experience in all types of sales situations. We are confident of getting positive results for our clients.

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